About DMS Management Solutions

As a small business owner have you ever said…

“I can’t believe I just got penalized for something I didn’t know I had to do!”

“It’s the end of the year, what do I need to do?”

“How do these late fees keep happening?”

“I am very worried about cash flow. I wish I had the time to make collection calls.”

“I would like to provide (better) benefits in order to attract and retain top notch employees but where do I go and how do I afford it?”

“Hey, I’ve got money in my checking account. Doesn’t that mean we are doing well?”

DMS Management Solutions provides answers to all these questions and more. We offer small to mid-sized businesses a wide range of affordable business services that save time, money and deliver fact-based results. We provide valuable resources and information that allow you the freedom and peace of mind to pursue the activities that bring the most value to your firm.

What does this all mean? Consider the following:
- In many cases DMS eliminates the need to hire a part/full time employee to handle accounting and HR tasks
- Most clients utilize DMS to execute the groundwork for a far more efficient process leading in to meetings with their respective CPA’s.
- DMS removes the guesswork associated with financial reporting and cash flow projections

So if you want to spend more time building your business and less time running it, let your team meet our team. Our experience, expertise and cost effective services will help your business grow and succeed through better management of operations and information.

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