DMS Announces New Service Lines

In the last half of 2022, DMS Management Solutions expanded our menu of services to better serve our clients.

Providing accounting and bookkeeping services to small and emerging businesses over the past 20 years has allowed us to grow – both in the number of clients we serve and in the number of professionals employed at DMS. We are now positioned to take on special short-term projects and provide professional services in two specific areas not previously offered to, but much needed by, our clients.

Accounting Systems Implemention & Consulting Services

Technology keeps advancing and it’s no different in the world of accounting. The transformation of previously paper-driven processes and systems into streamlined accounting workflow solutions has changed the way our clients handle their accounting functions and the way we service our clients. As a natural outgrowth of that evolution, DMS now offers services related to accounting systems technology including, but not limited to:

  • Initial accounting system setup
  • Accounting system conversions and migration of financial data, including moving from desktop to cloud-based software
  • Implementation of accounting apps to address specific business needs (ex: POS, data capture, eCommerce)
  • Software training and documentation

Controller & CFO Services

Small businesses often need the expertise of a Controller or CFO but are not positioned to employ one on a full-time basis. DMS’s Controller & CFO Services offers the flexibility to gain the leadership and expertise for a business’s specific growth stage and goals without the full-time cost. Examples of DMS Controller & CFO Services include:

  • Cash analysis and cash flow projections
  • Establish or improve receivables collection policies
  • Review inventory process & procedures
  • Analyze internal financial function and implement process improvements
  • More

Please reach out to DMS at 440-799-4615 if you need assistance in one of these areas.