QuickBooks Deep Dive: QuickBooks Online Dashboard

Brandy Olsen, DMS Management Solutions

Brandy Olsen
Accounting Systems & Implementation Coordinator

QuickBooks Online has recently released an update to the Business Overview Dashboard! You can now drag and drop the various widgets to ensure you have quick access to the decision-making information that means the most to you.

To access this feature, navigate to the Business Overview in QuickBooks Online.

-> If you’re using Accountant view, this will be under ‘Dashboard

-> If you’re using Business view, this will be under ‘Business Overview

Next, click “Customize” to begin re-arranging or re-sizing the various widgets. Once you feel satisfied with the layout, click “Done” to save your changes.

Here are some suggestions from DMS to help make the most of this great tool:

  • If your business is invoice driven:

Try focusing on the “Invoices” widget. This will show you the total amount of overdue invoices. If you click on this widget, it will send you straight to the invoices screen where you can quickly bulk-send reminder emails to your past due customers.

  • If your business is cash driven:

Try focusing on the “Bank Accounts” widget. This will show your current bank balances per the bank and per QuickBooks. This widget will also show you the number of transactions to review in each account. If you click on the transactions to review, you will be taken to the bank feeds screen where you can code or match your expenses.

  • If your business is sales driven:

Try focusing on the “Sales” widget. This widget will show you the total sales for the week, the month, the quarter, or the year. If you have a point-of-sale location, this can help determine what days are the busiest and when you might need to schedule additional staff. If your business is seasonal, the yearly graph will show you which months you can expect the most sales. If you click on the sales transactions, you will be shown a quick report of all the transactions for the selected period.

Please reach out to your DMS representative if you need assistance with customizing your QBO dashboard.

Happy Widgeting!