Checking Out of Hospitality Management and Into Accounting

Sami Mast, Administrative Assistant

Reflecting on the transition from hospitality management to accounting, the differences are indeed stark. Here’s a narrative from that perspective.

The Shift in Demands: In hospitality, the mantra was to make the impossible possible. Whether it was securing a last-minute reservation at a fully booked venue or reopening the kitchen for a late-night snack, the goal was always to exceed the guest’s expectations. In contrast, accounting administrative requests are more routine, like scanning documents or scheduling meetings. The thrill of unpredictability has been replaced by the comfort of predictability.

Pace of Work: The hotel industry operates at a relentless pace, where a “slow day” is a foreign concept. Lunch breaks were a luxury and staying hydrated felt like a challenge amidst the chaos. Now, in accounting, there’s a rhythm to the workflow, a steady beat that dictates the week, allowing for planned lunches and consistent hydration.

Teamwork Dynamics: In hotels, “teamwork” often meant stepping into roles far beyond your job description, from housekeeping to room service. In my new role, covering for a colleague typically involves less dramatic tasks, like managing their emails or attending a meeting in their absence.

Holidays: Holidays in the hotel industry were just another workday, often busier than the rest. In accounting, holidays can be enjoyed without the dread of an urgent call pulling you away from family and festivities.

Work-Life Balance: The most profound difference, however, lies in the work-life balance. Hotel management is a 24/7 commitment, with middle-of-the-night emergencies disrupting sleep and personal plans. Accounting, while still demanding, offers more regular hours, allowing for uninterrupted nights and weekends that can be spent without the looming possibility of work interruptions.

The move from hospitality to accounting is not just a career change: it’s a lifestyle transformation. The constant adrenaline rush and the unpredictability of hotel work have given way to the structured and steady environment of accounting, where the biggest administrative emergency might just be a paper jam in the printer. It’s a trade-off between excitement and stability, and for some, the latter is the key to a more fulfilling life.