DMS Represented at Scaling New Heights

Maria Angotti was proud to represent DMS at this year’s Scaling New Heights conference held in Orlando, Florida in June 2022. Scaling New Heights, focusing on the business of accounting, is the leading accounting technology conference and is one of the largest gatherings of certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors in the world.
Conferences like Scaling New Heights provide opportunities to network and learn from industry experts. Of the many breakout sessions and keynotes Maria attended, here are a few of her favorites:
  • Favorite breakout session: “QuickBooks Desktop File Utilities” with Dan DeLong
  • Second favorite breakout session: “Cash vs. Accrual Basis Accounting in QB Desktop and QBO – Recognizing the Differences and Idiosyncrasies” with Joe Aliota
  • Favorite keynote speaker: Jia Jiang, the owner of Rejection Therapy, a website that provides inspiration and knowledge for people to overcome their fear of rejection: What I learned from 100 days of rejection
  • Most inspiring talk: Inky Johnson, who suffered a college football injury that paralyzed his right arm. His story is a good reminder of how we should respond to adversity.