Automate Your W-9 Collection Process with

Brandy Olsen, DMS Management Solutions

Brandy Olsen
Accounting Systems & Implementation Coordinator

With the end of the third quarter quickly approaching, you’re likely starting to receive emails reminding you of all the year-end deadlines. One email you’re likely dreading is your reminder to review your collection of W-9s. You know you need this important documentation so your Accountant can prepare 1099s, but getting everything together can feel like a herculean task!
That’s where comes in; this software is designed to help making the W-9 collection process quick and painless.
There are just three easy steps once you’ve created your account:
1.      Create a W-9 Request inside the software
2.      Email the secure link to your vendors
3.      Receive the information back from the vendors
This information can be quickly exported and shared with your Accountant or, if you are a QuickBooks Online user, this information can be securely synced to your QuickBooks file.
The best part is that even handles the vendor follow up with automatic reminders! No more manual nagging to get vendors to submit information!
If you’re interested in hearing more about this product, or need help setting it up, I would be happy to have a quick call to go over the specifics.
If you’d like to sign up and see the software for yourself, please feel free to use our affiliate link: Signup for