DMS Staff Picks: Excel Functions

Excel is the accountant’s tool of choice for analyzing and reporting financial data. Here are some of our staff’s favorite Excel functions and social media accounts that might be helpful in your day-to-day use of this powerful application.
=LEN   The LEN function counts the number of characters in the cell. This is super helpful when you’re making sure something you’re uploading has the right number of characters. (submitted by Brandy Olsen)
=CONCATENATE   Joins the text from different cells into one cell. The CONCATENATE function is so helpful to me when people send me workbooks with two things separated, like first and last name, and I need them in the cell together. (submitted by Brandy Olsen)
=TRIM Removes extra spaces in data and thus cleans up the cells in the worksheet. In financial analysisthe TRIM function can be useful in removing irregular spacing from data imported from other applications. (submitted by Bob Wallish)
=IF The IF function checks whether a condition is met, and returns one value if true and another value if false. (submitted by Casey Kirchner)
=SUMIF The SUMIF function sums cells based on numbers that meet specific criteria. (submitted by Bob Wallish)
And some favorite social media accounts for Excel tips & videos:
Miss Excel on Instagram and Twitter