DMS Digital Spring Cleaning Checklist

Brandy Olsen, DMS Management Solutions

Brandy Olsen
Accounting Systems & Implementation Coordinator

Spring is almost here! For many of us, that means it’s time to complete spring cleaning around our homes, but, have you thought about what spring cleaning can mean for your electronic devices?

Here’s an example of my digital spring cleaning list:

Update your passwords

Review your account privacy settings

  • Did you grant bank access to a software in the past but you are no longer using it? Ensure you’ve terminated its access to your accounts.
  • Did you have employee turnover throughout the year? Ensure you’ve retired usernames that are no longer needed.
  • Did someone have to step up and take over additional tasks for a short period of time? Ensure you’ve reset their access to its appropriate level.

Clean up the files you no longer need

  • Do you have five QuickBooks backups hanging around? You only need the most recent.
  • Do you have multiple files sitting in your “downloads” folder? Move what you need and get rid of what you don’t.
  • When is the last time you emptied the recycling bin? Take a minute to empty it!

Uninstall software and apps that you no longer use

  • Did you install a remote connection app for support (think AnyDesk or Glance) but haven’t used it for months? Feel free to remove these! Software used for support often has updates so chances are you’ll need to download a new version next time you need support anyway!

Clean up the “noise” that comes through your phone or email inbox

  • Do you receive emails alerts for things that aren’t important to you? Take a minute to adjust your settings.
  • Do you receive sales emails for products you’re no longer looking to purchase? Take a minute to unsubscribe.

Clean up your QuickBooks Files

  • Do you have tons of customers you haven’t invoiced in years? What about a ton of vendors you no longer user? Take a few minutes to deactivate them.
  • Do you have trouble coding invoices because you have too many accounts? Take a few minutes to think about what data would really help you make financial decisions. Your Accounting Manager would be happy to help you narrow down the list!


Happy Spring Cleaning!